As winter keeps hanging on, our fisherman continue to persevere. This was another cold one with typical cold front weather to contend with.

None of this phased Captain Jerry’s determination which paid off. He fished depths ranging from 80-450 feet of water.

Over 30 Black fin tuna were caught as well as the limit of Red Snapper.


“with in thirty minutes, we got our limit of Red Snapper, beauties too” commented one gentleman.

The list of species included Tile fish, Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Tuna,Mangrove Snapper, Porgies, and Amberjack.

Some of the AJ’s were ginormous, as well as the Mangos. Smitty went home with the largest Mangrove Snapper prize while Nick took home largest A.J and Shannon went home with the largest Grouper pool with an enormous Gag.

Two 17 foot sharks were circling the boat at one point during this adventure. They were either Tiger sharks or Great whites believe it or not.

This was a very successful trip. All of our fisherman went home with a nice catch and good memories.


Captain Joy

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