“Die hards” is how to describe our happy group today. The weather was rainy, cold and raw


According to mates James & Shane, these people could care less! They stood in the rain like troopers and fished their hearts out. One group was all the way from Ontario, and this type of scenario was probably a typical day for them.

For us Floridians, well…we need our sunshine!

One of our regulars, “Rob” joined us and tried a bit of  trolling in between stops.When he was out last,the guy next to him brought in a huge Blue Marlin!  Not today though.

Lots of Grunt & Seabass, and many “mini Gags” were caught and released. Rob commented that he was tempted  to eat one of those “bite sized” Grouper.

Everybody aboard was content with their bags of fish that they went home with. Lots of compliments and rave reviews were also given to the Captain & crew.

James reported a smack in the face from a fishing pole today, while telling me about the weather conditions. “occupational hazard” I suppose.

The pelicans were also dockside today and growing in population daily. They know when the boat is due to arrive and wait patiently for the remains of the cleaned fish. (click here for pics)

Looking forward to some sunshine and another day of fishing tomorrow 🙂


Capt. Joy