Today was  probably a carbon copy of yesterday, only the fishing was a tad bit slower.

And the  bite was just “ ho-hum.”

It was another overcast day, minus the rain. But on the positive side, EVERYBODY was having a great time. We had people on board from Michigan, Indiana, California, Massachusetts, and even some Floridians were in the mix. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed observing the wildlife on the way out. The pelicans at the dock were especially exciting for some of the out of towners this evening.


Fishing North of the barge, Captain Mitch was on the frustrated side with the fishing today.

A couple undersize Red Grouper were brought in along with many Grunt, Sea Bass (nice ones according to deckhand James) and a few Porgies.


Fishing could’ve been better, but hey, theres always tomorrow! 2013 is almost over and we still have a few more days to get in under the wire.

Capt. Joy