Gag grouper may be closed to the masses, but not for us at Gulfstar Fishing. With a fantastic 12 Hr. to start this month, it is a good thing we have special permit tags so that you can keep the Gags you catch with us, [up to the limit of 2 per day] through the end of the year. The trip not only had beautiful weather but also outstanding fishing with plenty of Grouper action at every stop. Each anchor drop gave anglers 20-30 short Gags released unharmed, an appreciable amount of keeper Groupers over 30″, along with some flounder, and black sea bass.

Having only five 12hr. Trips left this year with Gag Grouper tags, if you want to get in on the winter Grouper action, you will definitely want to book as soon as possible.

The remaining 12hr. trips will fill up fast and are on the following dates; 12/09,  12/16,  12/23,  12/26,  12/30.

You can book online or call Mary or Trish To book.

Happy fishing!