26 Jun

6-26-21 Halfday

E wind 15mph, sunny, seas 1-2 chop. Made some moves to push out past all the redtide today northwest of Anclote and found some real good fishing. Caught a gag grouper just undersize, a good amount of white grunt and Read More →
25 Jun

6-25-21 Halfday

E wind 15mph, seas 1′ chop, sunny. Headin north today going to try to push out past the fish killzone. 7.6 miles NW was were we started catching and some solid sized white grunt too. Caught a few red grouper, Read More →
24 Jun

6-24-21 Halfday

NNE 10mph, seas calm. Ran out 4-5 miles today. Didnt catch a whole lot but what we did catch were good quality. Very hot out today.   Captain Tyler. Read More →
20 Jun


SW wind 10-15, seas 2-3, overcast/hazy. With the red tide riding in on the south winds were heading out north of Anclote in hopes of finding cleaner water. Well it ended up paying off, we had a fair haul on Read More →
19 Jun

6-19-21 Half Day Fishing Trip

S wind 5-10 increasing to 10-15, seas 3-4, hazy. Huge red tide kill here! Tons of dead fish just offshore. Weather came in and seems to have helped the red tide push the fish out. Had a real slim catch Read More →
18 Jun


SE wind 5mph, seas calm, overcast. Headed out to the 3 Mile Mark today and made short work of a nice cooler full of fish on three different spots. Fairly calm with seas building up to 1-3′ chop. Caught a Read More →