30 Jun

6/28/21 30 Fathom ARS

6/28/21 30 Fathom ARS After many trips of combatting high winds and seas, the weather Gods were finally pretty nice to us this trip! Of course, nothing can be perfect when it comes to the weather in Florida so we did have a squall Read More →
28 Jun

6-28-21 Halfday

Wind NE 5-10, seas calm, sunny. Heading out NW of Anclote today to get on top of them again, fishing has been getting better and better the further out we get recently. Turned out to be a great day not Read More →
27 Jun

6-27-21 Halfday

Wind SE 15mph, seas 1-2 chop, sunny. Headed north today, had to push out beyond the red tide to get to some cleaner water. Ended up paying off with a solid catch of white grunt, most being in the 12-14″. Read More →
26 Jun

6-26-21 Halfday

E wind 15mph, sunny, seas 1-2 chop. Made some moves to push out past all the redtide today northwest of Anclote and found some real good fishing. Caught a gag grouper just undersize, a good amount of white grunt and Read More →
26 Jun

6/24/21 30 Fathom ARS

Weather….so let’s be honest, the weather so far this June has been a tough one. These summer squalls have brought some tough winds with them. We did have a couple hours on this trip where the weather was very nice, Read More →
25 Jun

6-25-21 Halfday

E wind 15mph, seas 1′ chop, sunny. Headin north today going to try to push out past the fish killzone. 7.6 miles NW was were we started catching and some solid sized white grunt too. Caught a few red grouper, Read More →