2 Mar

3/2/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With 19 Passengers aboard Tom and Bert had plenty to do to keep busy with our anglers boating in excess of 350 Grunts, a bunch of Black Sea Bass and 4 throw back Gag Grouper. It was a beautiful day Read More →
28 Feb

2/28/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With mates Joe and Bert our anglers enjoyed a wildlife filled, slightly breezy calm cruise out to the fishing grounds. Though it was a slow pick our anglers hooked up with some nice sized Grunts, Black Sea Bass, a bunch of Puffer Read More →
25 Feb

2/25/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

Today’s ride out was not only calm but Gorgeous with 8 passengers enjoying quite the show from the local wildlife. One angler caught a beautiful 4lb Sheepshead and everyone else filed their coolers with Grunts. The tide turned and slowed Read More →
24 Feb

2/24/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

It was a smooth northerly ride to the fishing grounds other than finding our 1st spot covered with fishing traps forcing us to travel further. Our 10 anglers caught 200+ Key West Grunts, some short, restricted Gags and some small Gulf Read More →
23 Feb

2/23/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With 1st mate Tom pointing out all of the Osprey, Pelican’s and Dolphins to our 13 passengers along the way, the slightly rough ride out went by quickly. Once we hit the Intercoastal is was smooth sailing and Hot Fishing for Read More →
22 Feb

2/22/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With the help of 1st Mate Bert, we took out 15 fisher-people into somewhat breezy conditions on the Gulf. Turned out that the wind was more refreshing than a nuisance as plenty of fish were brought in to fill our guests Read More →