18 Jun


SE wind 5mph, seas calm, overcast. Headed out to the 3 Mile Mark today and made short work of a nice cooler full of fish on three different spots. Fairly calm with seas building up to 1-3′ chop. Caught a Read More →
17 Jun

6-17-21 Halfday

S wind 5-10, seas 1-3′ chop. Heading out of Anclote south cut pushing out to 3 miles. Ended up getting sharked and swallowed by a storm cell yesterday. Ended up with a good diverse catch. Lots of happy people on Read More →
17 Jun

6/14/21 30 Fathom Red Snapper

Weather on this trip was not the best. Had wind and seas to deal with throughout the trip. During the day it did finally let up and gave us a pretty nice day. We caught plenty of red snapper this trip which Read More →
15 Jun

6/12/21 18hr Red Snapper

On this trip we had about 15kts of wind and 2-4′ seas. Towards the end of the trip the weather started to balance off and it created a very nice day.  We had a Hail Mary Red Snapper spot at Read More →
13 Jun

6-13-21 Halfday

West Wind 10-15, seas 2-4 chop. Pretty blowy today heading out of south Anclote cut, the water is all churned up. Had a great day out here, caught lots of different species one of the bigger sea bass I’ve seen. Read More →
13 Jun

6/10/21 30 Fathom American Red Snapper

6/10/21 30 Fathom American Red Snapper Capt Jerry, the crew and all 15 passengers will definitely agree, the weather on this trip was very nice. Flat calm seas with little to no wind throughout the entire trip although a breeze here and there was quite welcome Read More →