Well we finally got to go out on another 4 day mutton trip after the last 2 had to be canceled due to bad weather. We left the dock and made our way south. The next day around 10am Jerry decided to break up the ride and stop to fish a wreck. The guys got to have some fun pulling on some big amberjacks! It was man vs sea monster and unfortunately, most of the sea monsters won, but we did land a few up to about 80lb. We continued farther south towards the deep drop grounds for queen and yellow eye snappers. Unfortunately today the conditions were all against us and made fishing very tough. We still did manage to land multiple queens and yellow eyes though. Once that was done we switched gears and headed towards the no anchor zone where we were gonna target mutton snappers. We drifted and around and caught a few, but the current was still very strong so Captain Jerry made the call to motor out of the no anchor zone so we could drop the anchor and hope that the conditions would change. It showed to be the right choice. We anchored up, got baits in the water and started catching mutton’s within the first 5 min. We continued to fish through sunrise till it was time to go offshore again. This time we decided to go a little deeper and also try for snowy groupers. Conditions got better and we made a pretty successful day out of it catching more snowy’s, queens plus a few more. Then later in the day we switched gears again, put the trolling lines out and headed towards mutton grounds for this night. We anchored up and fished a few different spots while catching mutton’s, yellowtails, vermillions and such. We even got to see a 10′ hammerhead shark that night. After eating a fish or 2 he decided to leave us alone. The last spot of the morning was another wreck where we caught more mutton’s and tangled with some more sea monsters like amberjack and Goliath groupers. When the fish stopped biting Jerry made the call that it was time to head for home. 

Till next time! Tight Lines…Capt Garrett