Another AWESOME trip with lots of excitement. All the usual beautiful fish caught, at one stop they had to pick up and move because too many Red Snapper were being caught!Aug 28th 2015 4 day Mutton (35)

The Scamp were amazing as well as the Gag Grouper. As a matter of fact, Don  Greg split the jackpot with the two beauties that balanced out perfectly even.

Mark went home with the Snapper pool by catching a monster Mutton and Dean got the Amberjack pool. Speaking of Dean, he taught everyone a new dance,its called the “Barracuda Shuffle” who knew he could move so fast?!Aug 28th 2015 4 day Mutton (59)

There were no shortages of sharks either. Everyone at some point hooked into one. Mike had a giant Tiger shark AND a huge Nurse shark at different times of this trip.Aug 28th 2015 4 day Mutton (47)

Good times and LOTS of action!

Capt. Joy