This one should of been called “Gully of the Golden Giants”.  The ride  out was long but a productive troll which brought in some nice Bonita

for bait. That evening,Captain Jerry decided to do some Mutton fishing. And they absolutely nailed them! They also brought in some monster Margate, Mackerel and Ali boated a 20LB Black fin Tuna.,

The plan for Saturday was to get to the Warsaw early. But Mother nature had other plans. Some squall lines had decided to move through so Captain Jerry throttled through until mid morning and around noon the fishing commenced. There were four teams of three. The bite started out slow and then a 100lb plus beauty was boated by one of the teams . At the same stop, one of the Bonita baits got swallowed by a huge 90lb AJ.

When Saturday afternoon rolled by, the drifting started and the first hit was a 32 LB Golden Tile! One after another, they were binging in monsters from 24LB and up.

Andy walked away with the Grouper jackpot and some beat up fishing equipment. Carlos the “Snapper Catcher” walked away with the Snapper prize(Giant Mutton)and John T won with his prize wining Tile fish!

Carlos commented that he was happy he had his electric reel because his arms would of been very tired!

Some of the other fishes caught included  Kings, Huge Golden Tile, Snowy Grouper, Yellow Edge, Grey Tile, Tuna, Porgies and big Margate.

The weather played a big part on this trip and it had its ups and downs. But the catch was one of a kind and plenty of memories were made!


Captain Joy