This was a 7:00 AM departure with Captain Mitch behind the wheel.  The weather was beautiful. And the passengers were eager to catch them up.

The Red tide had a different plan. Captain Mitch had to keep steaming south until the water cleared up.The bite was pretty much nil up to 1:00 PM. After that, it began to pick up. But it was still a hard day of fishing. Working out to 80 feet of water, the Gags and Red Grouper that were boated were all captured during two stops.

While talking with some of the passengers when they arrived, they were very aware of the effort put in by Captain and crew to make the day enjoyable.  “you cant fight Mother Nature” one man said and “we had a blast” commented another. Tom was a happy camper with the prize winning Grouper. We ended up with some nice fish and despite the circumstances, this day turned out to be a success mostly due to positive passenger attitude! :)


Capt. Joy