So we just finished our 4-day red snapper/ kill it all trip. We had some awesome weather throughout this whole trip. Had a Lil’ bit of rain mixed with bright sunny skies and warm/hot weather. We didn’t have hardly any wind till our very last spot on the trip. We started the trip with motoring about 90 miles out to target red snapper but it didn’t work out for us too much there as we intended so we decided to pull anchor and move to another spot about another 30 miles out. At this spot, we found some red snappers mixed with a lot of nice-sized yellowtails that bit very well for us. Once the bite ended we pulled anchor again and finished our way out to the deep for the next day of deep dropping. Man did we have an AMAZING first day of deep dropping!! To say we loaded the boat up the first day with fish would almost be an understatement. We landed a combination of yellow eye snapper, gag grouper, scamp grouper, queen snapper, blue line tiles, golden tiles, snowy grouper, yellow edge grouper, kitty Mitchell grouper, and rosefish Warsaw grouper, mahi-mahi and even a big wahoo on the troll! Our very own Captain Jerry was the lucky one who was able to hook and land the giant Warsaw. We estimated the fish at 200-225lb!! Unlike some other trips where we specifically target this species, Captain Jerry got this fish to bite during one of our normal deep drop spots. With 3 gaffs in him and with all of our mite Larry, Tom and I were able to lift this sea monsterontoo the boat and into the fish box. Day 2 of deep dropping we attempted going out to the reel deep where we were in waters of 1200-1300′ where we wanted to target barrel fish, big golden tiles and Alfonsinos, but this ended up being a very tough day of fishing for us with only a few fish caught. Day 3 of deep dropping we had more success which allowed us to finish filling the rest of the coolers along with our big fish box on board. Every customer is coming home with an extensive amount of fish on this trip along with big smiles on their face. We are all looking forward to the next 2 months which are filled with more and more of these 3 and 4-day trips going out to the deep looking for our “sea monsters”!

Till next time…
Captain Garrett