With an “Ultra limited load” of 8 passengers, this trip has proven to be very popular with our fisherman.  The weather was a bit rough on the way  but quickly flattened out in time for some awesome fishing!

Captain Jerry was at the helm with Captain Ron as 2nd, Ryan and Shane on deck and Joann in the Galley.

Fishing was absolutely incredible.  Carlos was filling his cooler “I caught 100lbs in the first hour” he commented ,then he nabbed a HUGE Mahi Mahi! IMG_2082

And speaking of huge, the Jackpot winnings went like this….”Letch” went home with the Grouper AND Snapper jackpot(Beautiful Leviathan Snapper) while in the Barrel fish winnings went to “Richard”


The depths fished were 750-1300 feet of water. The sizes of these fish were  mostly on the larger scale with some monster Snowy Grouper, Yellow Edge, Leviathan Snapper, Golden and Grey tile included.


The comments received from departing passengers were all praise and compliments on the Captain and crew for the outstanding job they all did and the efforts put forth to make sure everyone was taken care of. 🙂


Capt. Joy