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Well y’all we just had another amazing trip. We started off leaving the dock on Thursday with a little bit of weather behind us, but knew once we got a few hours south that the wind and seas were gonna lay off. We made our way SW to the fishing grounds and started fishing at sunrise. We started off the trip in the 500-600′ range targeting different snappers and groupers and man was it on!! Fish were coming up over the rail left and right. These fish included queen snapper, yellow eye snapper, vermillions, blueline tiles, kitty Mitchell grouper, scamp grouper, yellowedge grouper, snowy grouper, Warsaw and more. We had great conditions which allowed us to have long slow drifts which made it optimal for catching these fish. Towards the end of that first day while we were targeting more snowy groupers 1 lucky angler stumbled into latching into a HUGE Warsaw grouper! Captain Jerry noticed what was going on and leaped into action to assist this angler in landing a fish of a lifetime. With Jerry assisting on the rod and myself on the controls trying to keep the fish positioned straight off the port side of the boat, we fought and fought this fish. Trying to explain to the anglers that these reels are not just electric winches, but you need to still finesse the fish with this gear just like you would with normal manual gear. After a good while of fighting this fish, he popped up like a submarine about 125yd from the boat. At this point we used the boat to back down on the fish so we could get him to gaff. It took 4 of us and 4 gaffs to lift this sea monster. The Warsaw weighed in at a whopping 282lb!!! Into the fish box he went after we took tons of pictures of this monster. Soon after that the sun went down and we positioned the boat up for night swordfishing. Unfortunately a couple hours after that the weather started catching up with us. The squalls moved in which brought wind and rain. We kept fishing the most that we could there entire night, but unfortunately no luck on the swordfish that night. When daylight came back the wind was still blowing, but we decided to give it our all and go back out deep dropping again. Much tougher day of fishing with the wind blowing and current moving fast. We did mange to catch a few more fish, but you definitely had to pay attention and work hard to keep your gear on the bottom. Then at about 2pm we needed to call it quits and head for home. Coolers and fish box are stuffed full with the anglers great catches. Definitely another very successful trip and we can’t wait to do it again. Till next time!! Tight Lines… Capt Garrett