What a tackle-busting trip!! We left the dock on Thursday morning and headed out west. We arrived just before sunset to get the boat anchored up and lines in the water. Right away the fish started to chew. Landing multiple snappers and gag groupers! At about 1 am Capt Jerry decided it was time to make a move. We set up on the next spot and it was on! This time along with the giant B-Iiners and mangrove snappers we were also hooking into monster amberjacks! These fish were true tackle busters and not only were they gonna test ur tackle but also your willpower to get them in. The larger ones ranged in size from 40-90lb! Broken hooks, lines and rods were all a part of this madness. We stuck it out on this spot through sunrise and luckily for us, after breakfast time the amberjacks slowed off and allowed us to start catching the monster B Liners and mangroves again. Throughout the day we made various moves searching for fish and picked at them. Once nighttime came again Jerry positioned the boat up to try for more mangroves. Unfortunately, the weather started to come up again with a big squall decided to blow through. The boat swung big, but the anglers that chose to stick it out at the rail continued to pick at fish throughout the night. We made another move at sunrise and fished till Jerry said it was time to head for home. 

Coming home with coolers full of fish and our fish box full of giant amberjacks. 

Definitely a successful trip and we look forward to doing it again in October. Until Then… Tight Lines! Capt Garrett