So we left the dock this time on a 2 day golden grounds trip with 12 lucky anglers. Trip left at noon and we made our way SW towards the elbow to do some nighttime fishing targeting various snappers and groupers. Overall the weather was nice, but the boat still wanted to swing. Even with this though we still managed a steady pick at fish throughout the night. When daylight came we made our way further offshore to fo fish “the stickies”. Fishing waters about 400-450′. Catching pink porgies, scamps, blueline tilefish and more. The wind during the day completely stopped so it made drifting the boat a little harder. Once Captain Jerry set us up on the drift, I made sure to stay on the back controls the whole time to help keep the boat drifting in the correct direction. Around 7pm we called it quits for deep dropping and started making our way back inshore to do our 2nd night of night fishing. Fishing was good again this night with us also landing a handful of mutton snappers and a solid 25lb gag grouper. Until next time… Tight Lines! Capt Garrett