image4So let’s start off with what made this trip pretty awesome. The weather on the first day and night as we rode out to the grounds was bumpy and rocky, but in the middle of that first night the weather laid off and we ended up having beautiful weather for the entire rest of the trip. We started out fishing Friday in the 500-600′ range with great success. We were catching queen snappers, big blue line tilefish, yellow eye snapper, vermillions snappers along with groupers and more. Coolers were stacking up with fish fast and heavy on this trip. The conditions were in our favor to have a nice drift which helped assist us in landing all these fish. We stayed in the 500-750′ range most of the day. Once the sun went down we switched gears and swapped out the deep drop gear for our swordfish gear while we made our move to the grounds. We got ourselves set up with all the anglers that wanted to partake in the nighttime swording and gave it our all. We hooked and released 1 shark first and then we hooked the RIGHT fish. We fought the fish hard, but unfortunately, the fish spit the hook only 50′ from the boat! We reset the boat, put the lines back out and continued trying until sunrise, but┬ánope, we had no more bites. We switched gears again and headed back out deep dropping. Day 2 ended up being slower than the first, but we still had a nice day. The drifting conditions totally switched on us and made it very tough. Ended up catching a few different species that we didn’t catch the first day including hambone snappers, amberjack, snowy grouper, yellow edge grouper and barrel fish. We topped off the remainder of the coolers along with most of the fish box and then had to call it a trip and start heading for home. Ended with a very successful trip with lots of fish and lots of smiles.