Our anglers got right to it on the 1st night with some Swordfishing. They got one hooked up and eventually lost the 1 hour battled when it became unhooked and saw a few more hits after that but no prize. Daytime fishing was slow but they boated 3 HUGE Mahi’s for a little excitement. The 2nd night saw another attempt at the Swordfish with a loss of 4 with 7 hits and 1 short one sent back to the sea. Next day they trolled and hooked another Mahi and a Warsaw, some nice Scamp and Yellowedge Grouper, 5 Longtail Bass, a Blackfin Tuna, a bunch of SLOB 3-6lb Bliners and best of all they got to finally keep some nice AJ’s.

Edible Jackpot-Tom K’s AJ

Grouper Jackpot- Fred C’s Snowy