As per Capt. Jerry:

First night started off a little bit slow Mango bite got better before the day ended.  Amberjacks were biting like crazy got a lot of big ones on this trip. Scamps in the day time and forbidden Red Snapper by nightfall on the second day. As nite came a storm blew in causing a lot of wind gusts, but it did not stop the fish from biting.  We got a lot of very nice size Mangrove, Yellowtail and Vermillion  Snapper, overall it was a very good trip and customers were not disappointed.


Catch that was kept:

  • 3 Gags
  • 300 Gray Snapper
  • 20 Greater Amberjack
  • 20 Jolthead Porgy
  • 15 Lane Snapper
  • 4 Red Grouper
  • 49 Red Porgy
  • 20 Scamp
  • 105 Vermillion Snapper
  • 20 Yellowtail Snapper