Capt.’s  and James reported great weather for the whole trip with the only exception of a brief 45 minute squall with winds in excess of 60 mph on the way out to the fishing grounds. Some trolling was done on the long ride out to the fishing grounds that produced some Black Fin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and Bonita. Once to the grounds Thursday early afternoon, and continuing throughout that day and night, a fair amount of Mutton, Scamp, Snowy and Red Grouper were caught. With no anchor course it was tricky to stay in place that evening but Fred Cage the “Mutton Guru” as Capt. Jerry put it, used his knowledge and patience to successfully bring in a good amount of Mutton aboard. Friday morning they headed to deeper water and found some big Queen Snapper, Snowy and Scamp Grouper. The final morning wrapped up the trip with some big Bar Jacks, Crevale, Vermillion and Mango Snapper.  There were a few Amberjack, and Shark caught (mostly at the last part of the trip) stealing anglers fish as they were being brought to the surface. The jackpot winning fish were Doug Nail’s Queen Snapper and Ali Shamsidin’s Snowy Grouper.

Fish On!!