So we managed to get off the dock and tackle this 7-day trip. With tropical storm, Fred still lingering in the northern gulf, but about to make landfall we made the decision that it was time to leave the dock and start making our way out. For the first 2 days of the trip, we made our way in the SW direction looking for the loop current trying to find the elusive yellowfin tuna. We were also looking to find wahoo and hopefully big Mahi-mahi. Unfortunately, after about 2 days of trolling around looking for the edge of the loop current we were unsuccessful so with 1 Wahoo on board we decided to make a little change. We headed further south to the weather buoy where we were hoping to find some pelagics. We ended up catching a couple of small blackfin tuna there, but not much. It was nighttime and the current was screaming. At this point, the majority of the anglers on board wanted to switch gears and go deep-dropping. We spent the following 2 days going deep-dropping for various snappers and groupers. The Snowy Grouper bite brought in 60 nice fish and 45 Queen Snappers joined them. 4 dozen Gray Tilefish and a Barrelfish, a couple dozen each Yelloweye’s and Mahi’s, about a dozen nice Yellowedge Grouper were thrown in the ice hold. At night after the deep-dropping days, we did another night of swordfishing and we hooked up and landed about a 200lb sword! On the last morning we hit up a wreck that Jerry knows is home to Warsaw groupers, big amberjacks, and more. Angler Bill was able to hook and land a Warsaw that was about 70lb. We also landed a few AJ’s on this spot. Once we were done, surrounded by very satisfied Anglers, the crew put away and iced down all the fish to get us ready for the long ride home.  Till next time… Tight Lines! Capt Garrett

Great Friends and Loyal Customers of Gulfstar Fishing, Bill Parsons and Charlie Pryde put together this video from the 7 day “All Fish Matter” fish hunt. It will make even the biggest Landlubber want to go fishing with us. ENJOY!!!

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