Capt.’s Mitch and James reported choppy waters during the trips entirety. Early Monday morning they stopped at a wreck where they found some Mango and Vermillion Snappers, Red Porgies, and a couple African Pompano. Later in the day, they steamed south and found a steady pick of Red Grouper as they drifted in the no anchor zone. Anglers spent Monday night through Tuesday fishing for  Mutton Snapper closer inshore. Strong currents forced anglers to use  2-4 lbs. of lead in depths of only 170 feet of water.  Early Wednesday the Gulfstar ventured into deeper water and came into some Yellowtail Snapper, Gray Tilefish, Scamp Grouper and a couple Snowy Grouper as well. Wednesday afternoon/evening wrapped up inshore catching more Mutton and Yellowtail Snapper, and Red Grouper before heading home. The jackpot fish were Joe Harper’s Gag Grouper and Cesar Allan’s Mango Snapper.

Fish On!!