You’ll be happy to hear that the slow streak is over and the grounds deserve their name once again. In case you didn’t know… we call it the Golden Grounds because almost every time we go there we catch really well and we feel like we found a pot of gold. Unfortunately, the last couple of GG trips although good catching trips, did not meet our golden objective, a fish massacre of epic proportion. This past weekend’s GG trip put any doubt about its name to rest as Capt.’s Mitch and Mike found the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. There was hot but beautiful weather with some refreshing winds on the last night of this sold out trip. The first night of fishing proved exciting for Errol Latty with his awesome Cubera Snapper, and Anthony Harkins’  African Pompano!  After the sun came up Anglers were bringing up Yellowedge, Snowy, and Warsaw Groupers. Later and into the night, some big Vermillions, Mangos, and a few Blackfin Tuna were put on ice. All in all 20 different species of fish were caught on this trip including Margate and Knobbed Porgy’s, Dolphin, King Mackarel, Amberjack, Triple Tail, Bonito, Speckled Hind, Scamp, Gag, Gray and Golden Tilefish. A true seafood smorgasbord was brought in to be enjoyed by our anglers!