The weather at the planned location (off of Louisiana) did not cooperate with us for this trip unfortunately. So we responded to Mother Natures assault by traveling south instead. Upon arrival to the revised location, with favorable weather on Thursday night, anglers started trolling for Swordfish. Although there were a few bites, the Swords proved too wily to be landed. The beautiful weather and trolling continued through Friday afternoon. Several Black Fin Tuna kept lines tight for a bit, but some managed to slip off hooks as well. Friday evening into Saturday the weather turned a little sloppy and the game plan changed to deep dropping; Gray Tile, Snowy and Yellow edge Grouper filled coolers by Saturday night. Sunday morning started out slow but picked up with Gray and Golden Tile, Barrel fish, Kitty Mitchell, the beautiful Leviathan and Queen Snappers and a lot of very delicious Black Belly Rosefish. Tim was particularly surprised when his deep drop rig caught a nice Black fin Tuna! Monday morning the weather was still a little rough but quickly improved by the afternoon and a decent amount of Snowy and Yellow edge Groupers, Gray and Golden Tilefish and Queen Snapper were caught. The Jackpot fish, caught by Eric was a beautiful Kitty Mitchell weighing approx. 38 lbs. Other notable catches include Zach’s hefty Golden Tilefish, the two Richards’ Long Tail Bass and vibrant Leviathan Snapper, Eric’s fantastic Mahi, and Tim’s exquisite Queen Snapper. This trip is definitely not for the faint of heart and this was one wicked tough group of fisherman! You would have never known they had been at sea for a week; many of them seemed ready for more!!

Happy Tails!!