Alright let’s see here, we had some “fun” with the weather on this one! Gotta love the weather man!! Throughout the trip we had around 20kts of winds, but with summer comes the summer squalls and one of these bad boys gave us some crankin winds for a couple hours towards the end of the 2nd day. But after it passed the seas laid down just in time for a beautiful ride home. We caught our  full limit of red snapper and had a good Red grouper bite with a few Gags on this trip. B-liners and Red Porgy’s were literally jumping in the boat with more than a couple hundred of Vermillon and a hundred+ of the Porgy’s. Some Bonito, Yellowtail, Rock Hind and even a Yellowmouth Grouper made an appearance. We had the best Mangrove Snapper bite of the season so far on this trip, with Cheryl catching an 8lb stud to start off the trip! The weather could have been better but coolers are full and customers are happy. Definitely can’t ask for more than that! Tight Lines! Capt Garrett

Fishing depths 100-215′

Pool fish: 

         – Keith red snapper

         – Keith gag grouper