On this trip we had about 15kts of wind and 2-4′ seas. Towards the end of the trip the weather started to balance off and it created a very nice day. 

We had a Hail Mary Red Snapper spot at the end of the trip. We went from only having 10 red snapper on the boat to having 34 by the end of the trip. We had a very tough start to our trip with windy conditions and the fish just didn’t seem to wanna bite. The red snappers were hard to find and the ones we did find didn’t wanna bitevery well. No gag grouper this trip but we did haul in a bunch of Mango & Lane Snapper as well as some Red & Scamp Grouper and bunches of Porgy’s. Tight Line! Capt Garrett

Fishing Depths 100-120′

Fish Jackpot:

        – Greg Red Snapper