Captains James and Jerry report that the first sold-out Red Snapper trip of the season on the Fivestar was nothing less than stellar! From the weather to the anglers to the bite, there was not a complaint to be had about anything! The first stop started with a very hungry Red Snapper bite with some gag Grouper getting in on the dining action. Stop after stop the ARS bit while the Mango bite was a little slower than usual because the snapper were aggressive and got to the bait first. Needless to say, our anglers elbow’s got quite the workout and limited out on the ARS halfway through the trip. Not to worry if you hve a trip planned though, they continued to catch and throw back 50+ more! The Gag Grouper bite was hot on Saturday if you could keep them out of the rocks… there were a lot of break off’s. The later part of the day saw some nice big Red and Scamp Grouper, a couple of Mutton and some Lane Snapper and a few Mango’s on every stop. Tony caught a beauty of a Wahoo, there were a few nice Graysby’s and when the tide started to turn the Mangrove snapper bite turned up, topping off everyone’s coolers nicely! An awesome beginning to the season!