Capt Jerry, the crew and all 15 passengers will definitely agree, the weather on this trip was very nice. Flat calm seas with little to no wind throughout the entire trip although a breeze here and there was quite welcome to cool off from the bright sunny skies with the occasional cloud.

Red snapper bite was very successful on this trip once again, every customer came home with their limit of 4 red snappers each. We landed a handful of gags with another 1 of them being a solid 25lb. A mixture of mangroves, vermillion, porgies, red grouper and scamp grouper were also all caught on this trip. Overall a very successful trip. Customers all came home with big full coolers stuffed with fish. 

A perfect trip except that we had an ever changing anchor heading which makes the boat swing and not stay where you want it to stay, but even with that struggle we still persevered and did what we needed to do to catch the fish. The gag grouper bite has been tough, but for those anglers that stick with it and truly try to target the gags a decent amount of them have been rewarded with that catch. 

Depths 120-200

Fish pools

          – Carlos gag grouper

          – Ellen red snapper

 IMG_20210611_184251 IMG_20210612_064746