Capt.’s Mitch and James reported a nice ride out with only a small swell left over from Hermine. Their first stop on Saturday night was welcomed by some very hungry Mangos, big Vermillion Snapper and a few Gag and Red Grouper. Despite the murky waters, anglers had a steady bite. At daybreak Sunday morning they made a run further offshore to the 30 fathom mark, but unfortunately Hermine’s  effects were much more evident with the lack of action found there; they gave it their all but by early afternoon they pulled the plug and headed back to their original location and managed to make up for lost time with a decent amount of Gag and Red Grouper, and Vermillion Snapper. When the sun went down the Mangos fired back up and continued strong through their departure home. The pool winning fish were Chris Dye’s Mango and Marc Pagnozzi’s Gag; another notable fish was Joe Hutnick’s Barracuda.

Fish On!!