Wes Wasson and his crew had an adventurous washing machine ride out in 4-6 foot seas and a fun visit with a Sea Turtle followed by calmer seas just as they reached the fishing grounds. Their first night of fishing consisted of a big Red Snapper party, with some nice fish in the mix, including Randy Hand’s Black Grouper and Wes Wasson’s 2 Red Groupers. After the sun came up, a slow but steady bite was had of Queen Snapper, Yellowedge Grouper, Porgies, Gray Tilefish, a released Amberjack and Allen Bachrach’s  beautiful Mahi. Later that afternoon, Chad Asprooth caught a 70 lb. Warsaw. Not to be outdone, Wes got himself a 120+ lb. Warsaw as well. The last day was tough with very sticky bottom eating up much lead but in spite of this a few more Queens, smaller Mahi, and another released Amberjack were found. The jackpot fish were Dennis Marlow’s 40 lb. Kitty Mitchell  for the Grouper pool, and Wes Wasson won both the Snapper jackpot with his 20 lb. Queen and his slob of a Warsaw for the “all other edible” category.

Fish On!!