The weather going out for this trip was beautiful, definitely lead us to believe that it was gonna be hot sticky weather the entire trip! But we were wrong…Mother Nature unfortunately had other plans. We had a cold front that came in that brought the wind and the seas with it. So this ended up to be a very tough trip. Definitely a trip that separated the men from the boys and the advanced anglers from the novice. With that cold front that came in it created very tough conditions and shut off the bite. But for those who could stay at the rail and not give up they were rewarded with fish in the end. We definitely caught a couple exotics this trip though! Including 2 big long tail bass, a whiting and a ling! Amongst these we also caught snowy grouper, golden tilefish, amberjack, couple mahi, 1 kingfish, 1 black fin tuna, and GIANT B-liners. Tight Lines! Capt Garrett

Fishing depths: 500-1100’

Fish pools
John T with a mahi
Bo with a snowy grouper

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