Capt Jerry and our fellow 9 Fisherman had great weather going out to the Gully searching for the Giants and boy did we ever find them!!! We fished in the deep 600′-850′ and absolutely CRUSHED them. Even though we had dolphins following us through them the first day we were marking plenty of fish and hooking quite a few, but the dolphins made it tough to get them. But even with them annoying the crap out of us, we clobbered the bohemoths, fed them and threw them on ice! We had a small amount of weather on morning #2 as we were making our way back out to the deep but it was still a very nice day with good drifting conditions. Most of the time the boat would drift just as Jerry wanted it to, this allowed us to have a higher hook up ratio than some other trips. We caught a good variety of fish including snowy grouper, yellow edge grouper, Warsaw grouper, kitty Mitchell grouper, yellow eye snapper, queen snapper, vermillion snapper, toro, barrel fish, mahi, black fin tuna and big amberjacks (released). At nighttime while fishing for swordfish we hooked into and brought next to the side of the boat a huge thresher shark! Estimated at 300-350lb. Every customer came home with a huge smile and stuffed coolers full of fish along with 3/4 of the fish vat being filled as well! Tight Lines…Capt Garrett

Pool winners
Snapper pool
– Billy with a queen snapper
Grouper pool
– “Uncle Sunny” with a Kitty Mitchell

We slaughtered them on this trip and Capt Jerry spotted 5 miles of fish so we are going to head back out there to finish them off on Monday 4/19/21. Boat departs at NOON…Don’t miss it! Tight Lines…Capt Garrett
Only 8 Lucky Fisher-people!
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