Well we finally got this trip out, postponed several times since Dec 3rd due to weather. The skies and seas were beautiful for the ride out and the current was going into the wind the 1st day and the 2nd day while deep dropping the wind picked up and caused a fast drift. Battling the current our anglers still managed to snag dozens of gray and golden Tilefish, bunches of Blackberry Rosefish, a dozen+ Queen Snapper, Alfonsino’s, Snowy Grouper and  an extra large Yellowedge Grouper along with 7 others. The 1st night saw 1 small Swordfish that was sent back to grow up more and Barrelfish and Red Porgy’s also made it into our anglers coolers. It was a tough bite on his trip and the back end and 20 hour ride home was pretty rough but everyone still had a good time and a nice catch. George W’s huge Queen Snapper and Kevin W’s monster Yellowedge were the Jackpot Fish. Tight Lines…Capt Garrett

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