Boy, what a trip!!! Not only did we have excellent weather the entire trip, but we also had the BEST red snapper fishing of the season so far!! We were able to land ALL 60 red snappers for our 15 anglers on one drop of the anchor! It was great crazy mayhem all around the boat. With fish being gaffed and brought over the rail to anglers getting schooled and broken off by these powerful fish! Most of them were the XL size, not just the little 18″ fish. We were able to find and land a very cool variety of fish on this trip including 2 African pompanos, 2 mutton snapper, 2 kingfish, 2 BIG Cubera snappers, a small cobia, gag grouper, red grouper, scamp grouper, yellowtail, vermillions, porgies, creole snapper, and almaco jacks. We fished waters from roughly 140′-260′ during this trip. Full coolers and happy customers. Only 3 trips left for red snapper season ’21! Wish us luck!

Tight Lines!

Capt Garrett