We had another trip with absolutely awesome weather. When we first started fishing we had zero wind and no current, but as the trip went on a slight breeze came up and made some awesome weather. During this trip, we fished waters from 110′-195′. This allowed us to catch mangrove snapper, vermillions, lanes, yellowtail, rudderfish, triggerfish, scamp grouper, red grouper, gag grouper, and of course the infamous American Red Snapper. We are coming back to the dock with a few red snappers shy of our limit, but overall we did catch enough snappers for everyone on the boat. Certain customers decided to release legal-sized fish earlier on during the trip which resulted in them not filling all 4 of their tags, unfortunately. The mangrove bite at night was overall good, this fish has been temperamental this season again with some trips being great and others being not so great. Tight Lines! Capt Garrett