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Let the season begin!! We left the dock on this trip with big goals to start off the season. On the first night, we were able to get out to the swordfish grounds around 4 am to give that a try before deep dropping the first day. Unfortunately no takers on the swords that night, but were able to give some good knowledge to some newer anglers on what our swordfishing is all about. That morning we put the trolling rods out and made our way out to the deep drop grounds where Capt Jerry wanted to start fishing. Starting off in the 700-800′ range we caught numerous grey tiles, snowy grouper, yellow edge grouper. Later on, Captain Jerry decided to take us out to the 1200′ stuff to try for some more exotics. We caught barrel fish, golden tiles and rosefish. As nighttime came we switched gears back to swordfish. We tried and tried but once again no takers. Fast forward to the next morning we start off in the 750-850′ stuff with not much happening. So we switched it up bad back out deep. Throughout the rest of the day, we picked away at some nice size golden tiles up to 25lb, alfonsino’s, barrel fish and rose fish.

Overall we had a successful trip with pretty decent conditions. 

We are looking forward to getting out there again soon!