Well folks, there is no other way to say it…it was quite breezy on the Gulf for this trip. Most of our 15 anglers handled it very well so the Catch was on fire for 2 of the 4 stops we made. The first stop in about 70-80 ft of water we blasted the Mangrove¬†Snapper along with some Banded rudder fish and Littlehead Porgies. The next 2 stops were less successful with 1 nice Red Grouper and more of the same. The last stop at 90-100′ the bite lit up again with bunches of Lane & Mango¬†Snapper, throwback Gag’s and dozens and dozens of closed American Red Snapper. All in all it was a decent catch for the conditions. We’ll get em’ next time! Tight Lines…Capt Jerry