30 Jan

1/7/2018 Half Day Fishing Report

Captain Dave along with 1st mate Larry, and their 14 fired up to fish, passengers, with sea around 1 1/2 to 2 feet. It was  gorgeous day! The bite was a tad bit on the slow side, but that didn’t Read More →
30 Jan

1/27/2018 Half Day Fishing Report

Captain Jay, along with mates Alicia and Larry set out to sea with an ESE wind blowing at 15 knots, and seas around 2 feet and lots of high hopes for their 27 passengers. Captain Jay reports a slow start Read More →
26 Jan

1/26/18 Half Day Fishing Report

Captain Jay and mates Alicia and Larry report an excellent day of fishing. With a 17 knot Easterly wind, the seas were about 2 to 3 feet, but with a following sea on the way out it made for a Read More →
25 Jan

1/25/2018 Half Day Fishing Report

Captain Jay, mate Larry, and their 14 passengers, headed out to sea, into cold temperatures to slay some fish. That proved to be a little difficult, with stirred up water, 4 to 6 foot seas, and a 20 knot wind, Read More →
20 Jan

1/20/18 Half Day Fishing Report

Captain Dave, mate Larry, and 19 eager passengers set out into the horizon with absolutely gorgeous, less than 1 foot seas, and wind just light enough to keep them cool. A passenger tells us it looked like a lake out Read More →
12 Jan

1/11/2018 Half Day Fishing

Capt. Dave reports that the ride out today was eerie in the fog but that did not stop the Bottlenose Dolphins from following the Sundance II into the Gulf giving our 25 passengers an exciting send off. The gloomy haze Read More →