29 Sep

September 24th~2 Day Trip

Captain Mitch headed up this trip that was bound to the Middle Grounds. The weather forecast called for much less of a sea than what our bunch experienced. It was  bumpy trip and fishing was on the picky side. Fish Read More →
24 Sep

September 22nd~52 HOUR TRIP

Departure time was noon on Monday with some storms brewing in the background. This group of fishermen was a light bunch, a handful of die hard regulars and a few newcomers. The adventure this time around produced a wide variety if species. Read More →
22 Sep

September 21~10 HR Hog fish Trip (By Bobby Selby)

The Hogfish bite was light but not from lack of trying.. The recent red tide had devastated many hogfish as  reported by the deckhands who had seen many dead fish including lots of hogfish floating in the Gulf over  the  past Read More →
21 Sep

September 20 ~12HR Private Charter

Today’s twelve hour was a private group of co workers and family. The weather was looking a bit sketchy in the morning but it turned out to be a beautiful day to go deep sea fishing. Captain Mitch was at Read More →
18 Sep

September 17th 12 HR Grouper Trip

This was one of those days! The weather was rainy and windy and the seas a bit bumpy. Our crew today was Capt. Mitch, James, Ryan and Joann. Ryan was “under he weather” and while pulling the anchor “in the Read More →
16 Sep

Sept. 16th 1/2 Day Trip “The Capt. James Debut”

Today’s half day trip marked an important milestone for our very own Captain James Stewart. This was his very first trip on his own as acting Captain. At his side was Mike and a nice bunch of eager passengers. Even Read More →