30 Aug

August 20th~12 HOUR TRIP

This was a 7:00 AM departure with Captain Mitch behind the wheel.  The weather was beautiful. And the passengers were eager to catch them up. The Red tide had a different plan. Captain Mitch had to keep steaming south until the water Read More →
21 Aug

August 18th 1/2 Day Trip

This was a typical hot August day in Florida.  We had a nice bunch of eager fisherman aboard for a fun five hour trip. Captain Jerry aka: “Best Booty” was the skipper today while James and Mike worked the deck. Read More →
18 Aug

August 15th “Powertech” ~2 Day private charter

This adventure started out very stormy on Friday as our fisherman and  crew loaded up the boat during on and off thunderstorms. The ride out was a bit bumpy but the further South they headed, the more the skies cleared. It Read More →
17 Aug

August 13, 2014 “Classic Floor” Charter

Today’s fishing excursion brought together an energetic bunch of co workers. This was an eight hour trip that included Captain Mitch at the helm, Ryan on deck and Joann in the Galley. With weather conditions near perfect and the fishing depths Read More →
15 Aug

August 8th~ 2 Day Trip (with a side of red tide)

This was an unforgettable experience for our group of fisherman and crew. The trip started out with perfectly calm weather and a slight breeze on the way out. The bite the majority of the time was slow. Even though at every Read More →
6 Aug

August 1st ~ 4 Day Leviathan Trip

It was a later than expected departure but the boat was underway by early afternoon on Friday.  Captains Jerry and James were at the helm while working the deck we had Ryan, Emily and Capt. James as well. Joann also Read More →