28 Jan

January 27th 1/2 day trip

As we made our way to the mouth of the river, it was evident that the fog was going to be with us  today. While approaching Anclote Island…the markers started disappearing. It is so amazing that the fog never fails Read More →
23 Jan

January 21st ~1/2 day trip

Well, today was a bit different than yesterdays ½ day. The weather started out gorgeous. The crowd was a bit smaller and fishing was not as good. Not that there was nothing caught! Enough Grunt were brought in for everybody Read More →
20 Jan

January 20th~ 1/2 day trip

What a picture perfect day of fishing. We departed around 11:00 AM with sunny skies above and just a bit of a cool nip in the air. The way out was entertaining as we had some dolphin putting on a Read More →
16 Jan

January 15th~12 hour trip

Well, we got in another nice trip in between these relentless cold fronts. Surprisingly, it was beautiful out on the Gulf today. Fishing  depths varied between 55 and 65 feet of water. Many fish were caught today. Captain Mitch estimated Read More →
14 Jan

January 12th~1/2 day fishing trip

Today, Sunday January 12, 2014 our half day departed at 11:00 AM with many  hopefuls aboard. We had peeps from Ohio, Minnesota,Kansas and even some of our Tampa Bay half day lovers were out again with us. Due to the Read More →
5 Jan

January 4th ~1/2 trip

Happy New Year! Our first trip of 2014, and it was a cloudy one. Seas were nice, but no sun today. The fishing was hot though! Everybody out with us today brought in plenty of fish. Our new friend, Ruben Read More →