We got everyone loaded up and set out around 6pm. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed
a beautiful ride out the river, seeing all the fantastic wildlife. That was followed by watching a
stunning sunset at sea. Everything was shaping up for an amazing night. Around 10pm we
arrived at the first spot for the night. I spun around a few times and found some good looking
action on the sonar / fishfinder. Set the anchor in position and within minutes the fish started to
bite. Nice Mangrove Snappers (Mangos), Vermilion Snapper (B-liners) and Lane Snapper were
coming up all around the boat, there were also some keeper Red Grouper in the mix. A few Red
Snapper had to be released as well.

The next stop was over a ship wreck, there we got into some more nice Mangos, Lanes,
Yellowtail Snappers and B-liners. Then the large Red Snapper started taking over, it is always
delightful to see them yet it is a few weeks away from the season opening so it was time to
move on.

The next few stops were on fire as well, the large Mangos continued to be caught and lots of
Yellowtails joined the party. We also got several large Gag Groupers. Of course, there were
also big White Grunts and Jolthead Pogies.

Unfortunately, at around 2am the weather started to kick up. The beautiful night began to get
very rough, Along with the seas getting pretty nautical, the bite also slowed way down. The rest
of the night we continued to pick away at some nice snapper. After it was over we ended up with
a great night of fishing.

Tight lines and good times,
Capt. Che’ Ruble
Gulfstar Fishing