The weather started out bumpy with a 15 knot breeze out of the south. The ride out did not take long as we decided to stop in 45 feet of water on a rock that was showing fish pretty good. The first drop gave us five keepers and a few shorts. For the next 5 hours we had 3-7 keepers on every stop. Not red hot fishing but very consistent fishing and that type of day fills the box. In the mid to late afternoon the fish would not bite we made at least 7 moves but the grouper were not dealing with us. We did manage to get a hog fish and a few real nice lane snapper while we were trying to coax a grouper bite. The last drop gave us a few more grouper as the sun was setting. We had a full box and many of our anglers had grouper in there coolers. Great day!
I just got this email from a customer that was on the trip “Remember though… the Long bros caught the hogfish and nice lane snapper thanks again! Richard

Video and Pics will get posted soon