Captains Mitch and Mike with a light load of passengers on the Gulfstar headed out into frigid temperatures that not only affected our anglers, but also the fish they were trying to slay. Nonetheless, a couple hundred Mango and Beeliners braved the chill to wrangle a bit and 18 nice Gag Grouper showed up having seen the “Gag’s closed” signs. There were plenty of short Greater Amberjack to open the season but 24 Lesser AJ’s made up for that. Red Snapper in extraordinary numbers kept our fishermen busy bending the elbow without the payoff, and Mike caught a very cool Trumpetfish. Other fish that made it into the coolers were Yellowtail Snapper, a few Margates, a couple of Red Grouper and Key West and Jolthead Porgies.

Phil M. had the Jackpot Fish.

Happy Fishing!