Captain Mitch reports that the fish catching was “pretty darn good” he then followed with “if we were able to keep them we would have had an incredible day”. It seems that the Gag grouper, red snapper and the short amberjack all know it is safe to eat the bottom off of the boat. The current regulations provide a safe refuge for these tailed bait eating terrorists, as we won’t be able put the Gags and the Red snapper in the box until the summer. The anglers put a bunch of other fish in the box but the red grouper just didn’t want to get an ice bath today. With the fishing action pretty hot and most playing catch and release I would think and hope that most had a good time on Wednesday.

What do you think about catch and release? would you have a good time if you had one of those days when not much made it in the box but the catching action was good?  I’m curious??????  Please post your comments.