I watched closely as the customers disembarked from today’s almost sold out fishing trip, looking for a sign. Almost immediately  I saw many signs, smiling faces and chatty friends who were strangers only this morning. The comments I heard the most were “what a Great Day” and  “so Happy to have met You!” Capt. Ron reports that the fishing started off with a bang but as the winds picked up and the fog rolled in, the bite slowed considerably. It’s wonderful to know that even though they may not have caught as much fish as they had hoped for, it did not put a damper on our fishing enthusiast’s day.

It was feast or famine for some of our fishermen. 1st mate Anthony told of how one young man only caught 1 fish and the rest of the boat contributed so that he could bring dinner home. While Dylan, another young angler, caught a fish on almost every drop and out-fished the entire boat! As is usual, many grunts were caught and a dozen each of black sea bass and porgies. We also saw the return of bluerunner’s today, which Capt. Ron believes is an indication that spring and bigger fish are just around the corner. YaY!