Capt.’s Mitch and James reported that wile the quantity of fish wasn’t preferential, the quality of fish caught made up for it. The first stop on Tuesday morning was very windy and a slow pick was had of a few Barrelfish, and Leviathan Snapper. Quite a few Rosefish came also came aboard and just before the sun went down, Kendall Smalls hooked onto an nice 90 lb. Swordfish! Wednesday started off pretty windy but laid down some in the afternoon. Anglers came into some Golden Tilefish, Barrelfish, a few Yellowedge and Snowy Grouper, and a nice Queen Snapper before departing for home Wednesday evening. The Jackpot fish were Steve Monroe’s Barrelfish and Golden Tilefish, Richard Moore’s Yellowedge Grouper. Another notable fish was James President’s beautiful Mahi.

Fish On!!