Capt. Dave reports that the ride out today was eerie in the fog but that did not stop the Bottlenose Dolphins from following the Sundance II into the Gulf giving our 25 passengers an exciting send off. The gloomy haze lifted as the boat headed offshore a bit, and with Mates Larry and Alicia at the ready, the anglers enjoyed fishing in flat calm conditions. The bite had a slow start but then as if someone flipped a switch, it was FISH ON! One of our anglers broke the ice with a 30” Gag Grouper that sadly had to be returned to the sea. Another 20 more grouper saw the Gag Season Closed sign and turned up to wrangle for a while. Regardless of the throwback Grouper, coolers still managed to fill with almost 200 Key West Snapper, dozens of Sand Perch and Porgies, 2 beautiful, large Flounder and 15 fat daddy Seabass.