Another great trips for the books! We headed out Thursday running SW to the grounds. We started fishing at sunlight the next day. Tilefish and more tilefish! Fish were coming over the rail hot and heavy throughout the day. A few snowy grouper and yellowedge were mixed in as well. That night we set up for swordfishing. As we were still putting mines out in the water Capt Jerry got bit and the fight was on!! He got the fish to the back of the boat, but unfortunately, the fish came off. We reset the lines and continued through the night. We had a few more bites, but nothing stuck. Once daylight came we reset again to start deep dropping. We started off again in the 700-800′ range. We got right on the snowys and yellow edges. We drifted around a couple of times and once they stopped biting we made a move out to the deeper 1200-1300′ bottom. At first we only got a few rose fish, but then the good ones started to bite! Barrelfish, golden tiles, Alfonsinos were the main catch! We filled the coolers and part of the backbox!¬†Awesome trip overall and happy customers! Till next time…Tight Lines! Capt Garrett